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Dalarna University



Dalarna University means academic quality and innovation. What makes Dalarna University so special is the concept of closeness -  closeness in terms of contact with fellow students and teachers, proximity to the activities, cafes, shops; location to campus from student housing; and distance to Stockholm, when far-off destinations and adventures can readily become part of the plan!

  • The New York Times rated Dalarna as one of 45 must-visit places in the world.*
  • Immediate access to amazing nature, clean air and outdoor adventure activities (The 6th biggest ski-resort in Sweden is only 15 minutes from our campus. The longest natural ice paths in Europe for ice-skating are here in Dalarna with over 70 kilometers of plowed skating paths on lake run each year, sledding just 5-minute walk from student housing in the winter, blueberry/lingonberry picking just a 5-minute walk from student housing in summer/fall, lakes all around)
  • Cultural icons of Sweden have their origin in Dalarna. This includes the Dalahorse – made exclusively in Dalarna and the red paint that covers so many of Sweden’s houses, which is a byproduct of the copper mine in Falun that used to be the biggest copper-mine in the world and was responsible for 2/3 of the GDP of Sweden when Sweden was a big international power in the 1600s.



Bachelor Programmes (180 Credits = 3 years)
  • International Tourism Management, 180 Credits


Master Programmes (60 Credits/120 Credits = 1 year/2 years)
  • ​Master Programme in Solar Energy Engineering, 1 year
  • ​Master Programme in Solar Energy Engineering, 2 years
  • Master Programme in Materials Engineering, 1 year
  • Master Progamme in Energy Efficient Built Environment 1 year
  • Master Programme in Applied English Linguistics, 1 year
  • Master Progamme in English with a Specialization in Literature in English, 1 year
  • Master Programme in Economics, 1 year
  • Master Programme in Business Intelligence, 1 year
  • Master Programme in Business Intelligence, 2 years
  • Master Programme in Tourism Destination Development, 1 year
  • Master Programme in Business Studies with an International Focus, 1 year