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Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University – a creative and international knowledge environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility. Linnaeus University is one of Sweden's newest higher education institutions. Our high-quality research has had an impact, both nationally and internationally.

Carl Linnaeus is the Swedish scientist who has had the greatest impact globally. Bold and curious, he made the entire world his arena. Linnaeus University is inspired by the spirit of Carl Linnaeus. Curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility – this is how we interpret the actions of Linnaeus, and this is how we wish to carry out our activities.

Working at Linnaeus University means being part of a dynamic environment where knowledge and new ideas flow freely!

Bachelor Programs

  • Applied Mathematics Programme, 3 years
  • Design + Change, 3 years
  • Marketing Programme, 3 years
  • Network Security Programme, 3 years
  • Software Technology Programme, 3 years
  • Visual Communication + Change, 3 years

Master Programs

Business, Economics, Management and Marketing

  • Business Process Control and Supply Chain Management, Master Programme - Frontiers in Management Accounting & Process-based Control, 120 Credits
  • Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design - Specialisation Business, 120 Credits
  • International Business Strategy, 120 Credits
  • Leadership and Management in International Contexts, 120 Credits
  • Marketing, 120 Credits
  • Economics, 120 Credits
  • Tourism and Sustainability, 120 Credits
  • Business Process Control and Supply Chain Management, Master Programme - Frontiers in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, 120 Credits
  • Entrepreneurship, 120 Credits
  • Corporate Governance - Accounting and Finance,  (one year)

Caring Sciences, Sports and Health

  • Health Science, Master Programme, 120 Credits

Computer Science/IT 

  • Software Technology, 120 Credits
  • Software Technology, (one year)
  • Social Media and Web Technologies, 120 Credits
  • Information Systems, 120 Credits
  • Information Systems,  (one year)

Design, Art and Music

  • Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design - specialisation design, 120 Credits
  • Master Programme in Design+Change, 120 Credits

Languages and Culture 

  • Master Programme in English Language and Literature, 120 Credits

Natural Science

  • Aquatic Ecology, 120 Credits
  • Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes, 120 Credits
  • Physics, 120 Credits
  • Chemistry, 120 Credits
  • Chemistry,  (one year)
  • Mathematics and Modelling,  - Specialization Analysis and Mathematical Physics, 120 Credits
  • Mathematics and Modelling,  - Specialization Algebra with Cryptography and Coding, 120 Credits
  • Mathematics and Modelling, - Specialization Mathematical Statistics and Financial mathematics, 120 Credits
  • Environmental Science and Sustainability, 120 Credits

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • International Affairs, 120 Credits
  • Applied Social Analysis, 120 Credits
  • Peace and Development Work  (one year)
  • Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology, 120 Credits

Technology and Engineering

  • Software Technology, 120 Credits
  • Renewable Electric Power Systems, 120 Credits
  • Simulation Driven Product Development, 120 Credits
  • Electrical Engineering, specialisation Signal Processing and Wave Propagation, 120 Credits
  • Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design - specialisation Engineering, 120 Credits
  • Sustainable Structural Engineering, 120 Credits
  • Sustainable Energy Processes and Systems, 120 Credits



Linnaeus University Summer Academy offers an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary study environment – unique of its kind in Sweden. As a student participating in our summer academy you will get the opportunity to obtain unique academic experience that will enhance your CV and your future career. You gain cultural insights together with a mix of international and Swedish students, while also getting to enjoy the Swedish summer in one of the most attractive summer cities in the country!  

  • Organizational Psychology across Cultures: An Experiential Approach

  • eHealth in a Global Perspective

  • Media and News Literacy

  • Art and Landscape Painting

  • Beginners' Swedish, part 1

  • Schooling and social change - comparative pedagogical and sociological perspectives

  • Intercultural Communication

  • English for academic studies

  • The Nordic Welfare Model in a Global Context

  • Writing a scientific essay - genre and methods. A preparation for higher education

  • Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development

  • Discovery of a Sustainable Baltic Sea

  • Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a Swedish context

  • Outdoor Leisure and Sport the Swedish landscape