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University West

University West in Trollhättan is a modern university which offers education collaborating with work-life in an attractive and modern study environment.The university offers study programmes, second cycle programmes and a variety of courses in computing and IT, economy and leadership, health and care, teaching and languages, media, the individual and society as well as technology. We have programmes in which we collaborate and cooperate closely with work-life, businesses and society.

Through our profile - work integrated learning, WIL - students at the university gain work experience already while studying. University West has been commissioned by the government to develop pedagogics connected to WIL. One example of WIL is the so called Co-op in which studies are sandwiched with periods of paid work.


Bachelor Programmes 

(180 Credits = 3 years)

  • International Programme in Politics and Economics (IPPE) 


Master Programmes 
(60 Credits/120 Credits = 1 year/2years)
  • Master in Manufacturing Engineering, 60 Credits 

  • International Business, Master programme in Business Administration, 60 Credits

  • Master in robotics and automation, 120 Credits

  • IT and Management, Master programme in Informatics, 60 Credits

  • Master of Science in Finance, 60 Credits

  • Master Programme in Robotics, 60 Credits