Partner Universities

Lund University

Top reasons to study at Lund University:

  • A top 100 university in the world.
  • Sweden’s top-ranked comprehensive university.
  • A top 100 university for graduate employability.
  • The #1 choice for international students studying in Sweden, offering a choice of over 100 international degree programmes, as well as exchange and PhD studies.
  • Founded in 1666 – one of the oldest and broadest universities in northern Europe.
  • A non-profit, public university with 40,000 students.
  • We attract students from over 100 different nationalities, creating a truly international campus.
  • Global class environments where students gain cultural perspectives and develop international networks that are highly valued by employers worldwide.
  • The breadth of the University creates excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research and education.
  • Lund University is a member of international research-intensive university networks such as LERU and U21.
  • Lund is home to over 30 world-leading research environments and is the location for two of Europe’s largest research facilities: MAX IV and ESS (opening 2023).
  • Students in Lund are given excellent opportunities for business interaction, as the city, with its unique, world-class environment for technology, knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, hosts an impressive breadth of global companies.

Bachelor's degree programmes

  • Development Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • International Business
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science Physics

Master Programmes

Architecture and design

  • Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Sustainable Urban Design

Business, economics and management degrees

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Economic Development and Growth (double degree programme)
  • Economic Growth, Population and Development
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (one year programme) 
  • European and International Tax Law (one year programme)
  • Finance (one year programme)
  • Information Systems (one year programme) 
  • Innovation and Global Sustainable Development
  • International Economics with a Focus on China (one year programme) 
  • International Marketing and Brand Management (one year programme) 
  • International Strategic Management (one year programme) 
  • Management (MiM) (one year programme)
  • Managing People, Knowledge and Change (one year programme)  

Engineering and technology 

  • Biotechnology
  • Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaption
  • Embedded Electronics EngineeringEnergy
  • Efficient and Environmental Building Design 
  • Food Innovation and Product Design (Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree Programme - link to external programme web)
  • Food Technology and Nutrition
  • Fire Safety Engineering (Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree Programme – link to external programme web)
  • Logistic and Supply Chain Management 
  • Production and Materials Engineering - NEW PROGRAMME!
  • Water Resources Engineering 
  • Wireless Communication 

Enviroment and sustainability

  • Environmental Management and Policy
  • Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (European joint Master's - link to external programme web)
  • Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

Fine and performing Arts 

  • Fine Art, Visual Art
  • Performance Programme, Symphony Orchestra Instruments
  • Performance Programme, Piano
  • Performance Programme, Guitar
  • Performance Programme, Vocal Studies
  • Performance Programme, Composition
  • Performance Programme, Harpsichord
  • Performance Programme, Jazz Improvisation
  • Performance Programme, Church Music, Arrangement and Composition
  • Performance Programme, Church Music, Organ and Keyboard
  • Performance Programme, Church Music, Vocal Music and Choir
  • Performance Programme, Composition Diploma
  • Performance Programe, Interpretation Diploma


  • Applied Cultural Analysis (joint university programme)
  • Archaeology, Theory and Practice
  • European Studies
  • Cultural Criminology - NEW PROGRAMME!
  • Film and Media History 
  • Human Rights - NEW PROGRAMME!


  • Language and Linguistics, with the following specialization options: 
  1. Arabic/Semitic Languages
  2. Chinese
  3. Cognitive semiotics
  4. English
  5. French 
  6. General Linguistics
  7. German
  8. Greek/Modern Greek
  9. Italian
  10. Japanese
  11. Latin
  12. Phonetics
  13. Rhetoric
  14. Romanian
  15. Spanish
  16. Swedish/Scandinavian Languages
  • Literature - Culture - Media, with the following specialisation options:
  1. English Literature
  2. French Literature
  3. General Literature
  4. German Literature
  5. Russian Literature
  6. Scandinavian Studies
  7. Spanish Literature
  8. Yiddish Literature
  • Religious Roots of Europe (joint university programmme)
  • Visual Culture (offered every second year, next intake 2020)

International studies and social sciences 

  • Asian Studies
  • Development Studies
  • European Affairs
  • Global Studies
  • Human Ecology – Culture, Power and Sustainability
  • Human Geography – Urban, Economy, Ecology and Landscape
  • International Development and Management
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Psychology
  • Service Management, Culture and Creativity Management - NEW PROGRAMME!
  • Service Management, Retail
  • Service Management, Supply Chain Management
  • Service Management, Sustainable Service Management - NEW PROGRAMME!
  • Service Management, Tourism
  • Social Anthropology
  • Social Studies of Gender
  • Sociology
  • Sociology of Law
  • Strategic Communication
  • Welfare Policies and Management

Law degrees

  • European Business Law
  • International human Rights Law 

Medicine and health degrees

  • Biomedicine
  • Medical Sciences, with the following specialisation options:

  1. Medical Science, Ageing and Health
  2. Medical Science, Audiology
  3. Medical Science, Nursing 
  4. Medical Science, Occupational Therapy
  5. Medical Science, Physiotherapy
  6. Medical Science, Reproductive, Perinatal and Sexual Health
  • Public Health

       7. Pharmaceutical Technology: Discovery, Development and Production


Science degrees

  • Astrophysics
  • Atmospheric Sciences and Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology, with the following specialisation options:
  1. Animal Ecology
  2. Aquatic Ecology
  3. Conservation Biology
  4. General Biology
  5. Plant Science
  • Chemistry, with the following specialisation options:Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Environmenta
  1. Biochemistry - NEW specialisation 
  2. Physical Chemistry  - NEW specialisation 
  3.  Synthetic and Analytical Chemistry - NEW specialisation
  • Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Management
  • Geographical Information Systems (distance learning)
  • Geology, with the following specialisation options:
  1. Geology, Bedrock Geology
  2. Geology, Quaternary Geology 
  • Geomatics
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Molecular Biology, with the following specialisation options:
  1. General Molecular Biology
  2. Medical Biology
  3. Microbiology
  4. Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Organizing Molecular Matter  
  • Physics, with the following specialisation options:
  1. Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
  2. Biological Physics and Computational Biology
  3. General Physics
  4. Material Science
  5. Nanoscience
  6. Particle Physics
  7. Photonics
  8. Theoretical Physics
  • Protein Science
  • Synchrotron Radiation Based Science