Partner Universities

University of Skövde

We are a modern university with an open and welcoming approach, first-class education and internationally competitive research. The University of Skövde is relatively young, but still comparable to the old prestigious universities in terms of quality. 

We are one of the most specialized universities in Sweden. Research is conducted within five areas: Informatics, System Biology, Virtual Engineering, Health and Learning, and Enterprises for the future. By concentrating our efforts, we can provide competitive research and highly skilled researchers to our partners within academia, the industry and society in general.

Our campus has high-tech and well-equipped premises, which provide a stimulating and creative environment for both students and employees. The atmosphere also encourages simplicity in the contact between students and their teachers.

Gothia Science Park (GSP), a technology and research park located next door to the University, is a center of research and innovation where our researchers and the business community can meet in an inspiring and creative environment. A prominent feature at GSP is a business incubator that helps students realize their ideas and start new companies. The Game Incubator at GSP is the world leading talent factory in the field of computer games development. Collaborating with international and local companies and the public sector through mentorship-programmes, advisory boards, guest lectures, degree projects, job fairs etc. gives the students valuable contacts for the future and prepares them for their future careers. Being a VOLVO Preferred Research Partner, one out of five in the whole world, and having ongoing projects with world-renowned companies such as Astra Zeneca and Microsoft, show that we are an attractive partner for collaboration and partnership.

Bachelor Programmes 
(180 Credits = 3 Years)
  • Bioscience - Molecular Biodesign, 180 Credits   
Master Programmes
 (60 Credits/120 Credits = 1 year/2years)
  • Bioinformatics 60 Credits

  • Biomakers in Molecular Medicine 120 Credits 

  • Cognitive Neuroscience: Mind, Brain and Wellbeing, 60 Credits

  • Infection Biology, 60 Credits

  • Infectio Biology ,120 Credits

  • Molecular Biotechnology, 60 Credits

  • Molecular Biotechnology, 120 Credits

  • Sustainable Management of Biological Resourses 120 Credits 

  • Data Science, 60 Credits

  • Data Science, 120 Credits

  • Human-Robot Interaction, 120 Credits 

  • Digital Narration: Games and Cultural Heritage, 60 Credits

  • Privacy, Information and Cyber Security, 60 Credits

  • Privacy, Information and Cyber Security, 120 Credits

  • Research Master in Informatics, 120 Credits

  • Serious Games, 60 Credits
  • Intelligent Automation 60/120 Credits

  • Virtual Ergonomics 60 Credits/120 Credits