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Linköping University

Why study at Linköping University?

Studying at Linköping University (LiU) means student-centred learning, an interdisciplinary approach and close collaboration with the business world.  LiU is home to several world-class research environments, for instance in materials science, bioelectronics and information technology.
We want our students to take an active role in learning and aim to stimulate independent and critical thinking by nurturing problem-solving abilities. We seek to implement an innovative educational approach grounded in real-world systems and products.

We offer 27 international master's programmes taught in English, in various subject areas. In 2018, we will also open our first international bachelor programme. Applications are open mid-October to mid-January annually. 

Also, many companies have their roots in LiU research or are founded by alumni. They span from big world-leading companies like Sectra and IFS to small new niche businesses:

Bachelor programs

Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine 180 Credits (3 years)

Master programs

(60/120 Credits=1/2 years)

  • Adult Learning and Global Change (distance education)
  • MA in Ethnic and Migration Studies, 120 Credits
  • MSc Computational Social Science, 120 Credits
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics, 120 Credits
  • International and European Relations, 120 Credits
  • Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations, 120 Credits
  • Statistics and Machine Learning, Master's Programme, 120 Credits
  • Science for Sustainable Development, 120 Credits
  • Child Studies  (distance education)
  • Materials Science and Nanotechnology, 120 Credits
  • Communication Systems, 120 Credits
  • Aeronautical Engineering, 120 Credits
  • Biomedical Engineering, 120 Credits
  • Electronics Engineering, 120 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Chemistry, 120 credits
  • Experimental and Medical Biosciences, 120 Credits
  • Design, 120 Credits
  • Ecology and the Environment, 120 Credits
  • Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change  (distance education)
  • Outdoor and Sustainability Education, 120 Credits
  • Applied Ethics, 60 Credits
  • Applied Ethology and Animal Biology, 120 Credits
  • Industrial Engineering and Management, 120 Credits
  • Computer Science,  120 credits
  • Sustainability Engineering and Management, 120 Credits
  • Mechanical Engineering, 120 Credits
  • Protein Science, 120 Credits
  • Materials Physics for Nano and Quantum Technology, 120 Credits