Partner Universities

Halmstad University

Halmstad University is located in Halmstad. Being a small city, it offers a peaceful study environment and makes for close relationships between researchers, students and busineeses in our community. Halmstad University conducts education and research in a wide area, such as in engineering, nursing, humanities, health and social sciences, education, natural science and economy. We have three key areas where we particularly strong and where we conduct education at master level and within research:

Information Techonology makes new progress possible within large areas of natural science and technology, such as biomechanics, traffic and transport, environment, energy, health and communication. Our research on embedded and intelligent systems is something we are particularly known for, even internationally.

Innovation Science includes, amongst other things, enterprenurships, innovation, social changes, environment, and leadership. The focus is on the the development of activities in which technology, natural and social perspectives are all combined. 

Health Sciences focuses on people's quality of life. This implies not only welfare and lifestyle, but also culture, education and learning, sport, nursing and healthcare.

We are located in one of Sweden's greenest, smartest and healthiest small cities, with an inspiring seaside setting.

Master Programmes

  • Digital Service Innovaiton, 120 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Embedded and Intelligent Systems, 120 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation, 120 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Information Technology, 120 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Electronics Design, 60 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering, 60 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Network Forensics, 60 Credits
  • Master's Programme in Renewable Energy Systems, 60 Credits

  • Master's Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth with specialization in Strategic Leadership, 120  credits
  • Master's Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth with specialization in International Marketing, 120 credits

Environmental Science 
  • Master's Programme in Applied Environmental Science, 60 Credits


  • Master's Programme  in Exercise Biomedicine - Human Performance , 60 credits