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Kristianstad University

Kristianstad University, or HKR for short, is a modern university situated in southern Sweden with easy access to larger cities and mainland Europe. Our idea is to offer education with a strong focus on employment and internationalisation.

Our university cooperates extensively with local companies, schools and organisations and is linked with partner universities all over the world. Our degrees are recognised both nationally and internationally and mixes theory with experience in a practical setting and links with industry. 

We’re particularly proud of our campus. Nothing is distant here. All lectures take place on the same campus area and students will unavoidably meet and mingle with teachers, fellow students and other staff. Housing with high standards is guaranteed and a wide of range of scholarships are available.

Do you have a good idea that you would like to put into practice? Have you developed an innovative product? Or do you simply want to start a business? As a student at Kristianstad University, you can ask Innovation department to help you during the initial phase of your endeavour. Once your idea has taken shape and you are ready to enter the next phase, contacts with Innovation Systems throughout Skåne are there to work with you.

Welcome to Kristianstad University!


Bachelor Programmes (180 Credits = 3 years)
  • Computer Science, specialization in Internet of Things, 180 Credits
  • The Bachelor in Software Development, 180 Credits
  • Bachelor Programme of English: Language, Literature and Society, 180 Credits

Master Programmes (60 Credits/120 Credits = 1 year/2years)

  • Computer Science, emphasizing Sustainable Development, 60 Credits
  • Integrative Health Science, 120 Credits, distance education
  • Business Administration specalizing in Auditing and Control, 60 Credits
  • Business Administration specalizing in International Business and Marketing, 60 Credits

Tuition fees for Bachelor Programmes : 11,000 Euro (one year)

Tuition fees for Master Programmes: 11,300 Euro (1 year)

                                                            24,000 Euro (2 years)